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A router is possibly the most versatile tool that a woodworker has, and if it's a Makita router you'll be able to expect reliable performance as well. Makita routers and trimmers can do everything from recessing lock faceplates, trimming laminate and making custom base or crown moulding, it will soon become your favorite power tool.

What's the difference?

- Router Vs. Trimmer -
What's the Difference?

Overview Can plunge cut into wood, cut deep grooves and mortise. Best used with a Router Table Perfect for light duty work and edge shaping. Maneuverable and precise
Best Uses Template and pattern work Edge shaping, beveling, One handed detail work
Suited For Woodworkers Trimming, Crafts, Hobbyists, Laminate Tops
Other Notes Can use interchangeable bases for template, plunge or hand styles. More power and larger interchangeable collets (bit holder) Smaller collets (bit holder) and less power

Routers And Trimmers